Monday 7 November 2016

Three-Sixty-Five-and-a-Wake-up . . . OOOOH Lord

Yep, it's official . . .

I have just one year (or less) until I am totally and completely debt free and even own my home. So there!

Okay, technically my house has wheels under it and they spin as I move around daily, since I don’t own or even rent the land beneath it, but hey, let’s not get picky.

It is one full year until I am debt free (fiscal disaster notwithstanding) and that deserves a moment of pause, and perhaps a minor splurge.

The other nice thing that happened this weekend was that the boss gave me my paycheque early.

Not that it did me a whole lot of good, as I can’t cash it until today (after work) but it does let me see what the amount actually is.

This allows me to finalize my budget for the upcoming payperiod. Most times I do this while at work, just before the day, and other times it is after work and before I drive to the bank.

My paycheques have been a little larger as of late, and the reason is, is in fact that apparently I have paid my share of CPP and UIC this year.

This means less taxes coming off and so what I get left over is larger. January, of course, will be a bite back into reality, but that is life, and as always I will deal with it.

What this windfall means is that I can still keep my goals for this month on track while stealing away to Banff for the weekend.

It is important to take a bit of time to enjoy the nice things in life while still keeping yourself and your path to your goals, on track and on schedule.

This is a difficult balance to make, but it can be done, yet there are sacrifices to be made, as nothing worth having has ever been achieved without sacrificing something to get it.

(Just make sure that you don’t sacrifice humans to appease a deity in order to get what you want.)

As always: Keep your head up (and attached), your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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